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Our warehouse was specially built for the storage of lubricants. In addition to bulk storage, there is also space for the storage of packaged goods, such as various packaging units from pallets to drums, from IBCs to cans and from drums to... whatever you require - ideal if you want to handle both your bulk and packaged goods under one roof.

Our warehouse has a total storage area of 25,000 m² with 10,500 pallet spaces. The traceability of your goods is important to us. That is why all our pallet spaces feature barcodes. It is also possible to trace which batch / THT the goods belong to. Not only does this eliminate the risk of errors and stock differences, but it also allows you to view your stock level and mutations in real time in our customer portal.

verpakte opslag
verpakte opslag

Our warehouse is equipped with all facilities for storing liquids. You have also come to the right place for goods that require special handling. In addition, we offer a wide range of VAL activities such as order picking, sampling, re-stickering and palleting. To take the full process off your hands, in addition to the storage of packaged goods we also offer 24-hour distribution of packaged goods within the Benelux. This is done in close cooperation with our permanent partner.


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