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At our central hub in Maasdijk, we have 209 tanks with a total storage capacity of 12 million litres. Our tanks are currently mainly used for the storage of lubricating oils, but other product groups are, of course, also welcome. The capacity of the tanks varies from 1,000 to 150,000 litres. This gives us a lot of flexibility to find the right tank size for your needs. Whether you want to store large or small quantities, we can offer you a tailor-made solution.

Not only do we have the ability to store your products, but we can also collect them from you, fill them from the tank storage or distribute them to various locations in Western Europe. Thanks to our central location, our tank storage is an ideal base. This, in combination with our extensive range of services, makes us unique in our sector, as a result of which our tank depot now acts as a logistics hub for various oil companies and traders. External inbound and outbound deliveries are, of course, possible. We have our own weighbridge on the premises for checking incoming and outgoing cargoes.


We have also come up with a solution for products with low consumption, the so-called slow movers. In our warehouse, an IBC hall has been built that can store about 2,050 IBCs of 1,000 litres. The IBCs can be supplied by a packaged truck or the product can be unloaded directly into an IBC from the tanker. The products can then be bulked again on demand and delivered by tanker. 

To guarantee the quality of your products, all our tanks are equipped with separate pump systems, compressors and hoses. We also have options to analyse the quality of your products on viscosity and density. In addition, our tanks are equipped with a level system so that your stock can be accurately monitored. Information on your tank stock is available in real time 24 hours a day in our customer portal.


Fixed tanks


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Tank containers

Did you know that we also offer the option to store your products in containers? You  can therefore contact us for both short- and long- term storage.

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