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More than 80 of our lorries can be found on the road every day, making a total of 12,900 journeys a year and around 1,400 unloadings a week. We started over 100 years ago with transport by horse and cart to and from auction. Nowadays, you’ll find our trucks at car garages, petrol stations, greenhouses and sea-going vessels. We specialise in the transport of lubricants, liquid fertilisers and AdBlue. We use dedicated tankers to transport these products. We mainly drive our tankers to destinations in Western Europe, such as the Benelux, France, England, Germany and Austria, but transports to other European countries are also in good hands with us.


Goed materiaal is voor ons belangrijk. Daarom beschikken wij over een modern & duurzaam wagenpark dat is uitgerust met de nieuwste veiligheidssystemen en is voorzien van EURO 6 motoren. Alle wagens zijn bovendien uitgerust met een boordcomputer, zodat we u realtime op de hoogte kunnen houden van de status van uw order. Ons wagenpark bestaat uit ruim 80 trekkers, 130 tankopleggers en 200 tankcontainers. De capaciteit van de tankwagens varieert van 14.500 liter tot 37.500 liter. De tankwagens bestaan uit 1 tot 11 compartimenten, zodat we flexibel kunnen inspelen op iedere vraag. Daarnaast beschikken onze wagens over een breed assortiment aan koppelingen, zodat de connectie naar vrijwel ieder systeem te maken is.  


Distribution of liquids

 Our company is specialised in the distribution of liquids. Especially for distribution work, our tankers are equipped with completely separate loading and unloading systems and litre counters. In this way, various products can be loaded into the same tank lorry without any risk of contamination. To prevent spills during unloading, our unloading systems are also equipped with an overfill prevention device (OPD). As our fleet consists of various motor trucks and tankers with steerable axles, we can unload your goods at practically any location. Even difficult to reach locations in the middle of town or new construction sites are no problem at all.

However, distributing the goods is only half the job: if you wish, we can take care of the entire supply chain from beginning to end. Our planning department is at your service to combine all your partial loads into complete trucks and ensure that your goods are delivered on time and at the right place. We can also monitor your tank levels and schedule deliveries ourselves if your tank level is at a minimum. In this way, we ensure that your goods are always delivered just-in-time and in optimal quantities, thus avoiding unnecessary costs. What's more, you don't have to worry about a thing, and we can do what we do best: take the work off your hands.


In addition to the distribution of liquids, you can also rely on us for shipping deliveries of both lubricating oil and AdBlue. The tankers that are used daily for shipping deliveries are equipped with powerful pumps, so that height differences and large distances can be easily covered. The tankers are also equipped with 70 metres of hose. By the way, did you know that we have also come up with a solution to deliver bulk and packed orders combined to sea-going vessels? We have our tank/barge combination available especially for this purpose: liquids in the tank & packed goods in the barge. The ultimate in smart and efficient solutions.


Are you looking for a logistics service provider that can arrange FTL deliveries from A to B for you? We have various types of tank trailers and containers available in our fleet, so that we can respond to any transport demand - ideal if you are looking for a partner who can take care of everything for you. Single or multi-compartment? Measured or unmeasured? No problem at all. We look forward to getting in touch with you to see how we can offer you a suitable solution within our network.

Special equipment 

In addition to the above-mentioned work, we can also support you with special projects. For this work, we have a number of special units in our fleet that are equipped with filter units, particle counters and/or electric heating units. You can read more about this on our page about our
special projects.