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A century on the road

A century on the road


Dirk van Staalduinen started February 1919 with transporting vegetables to auction by horse and cart for gardeners in the Westland. In 1952 his sons Koos and Dirk took the business over. The new firm Gebr. J. & D van Staalduinen was a fact. Besides being a transport company, the firm also had a garage.

The transport of vegetables and coal for the horticultural sector was quickly expanded to neighbouring countries like Germany and Sweden. In the 1950s the transport of fuel oil shifted gradually to coal. There followed some hectic years. In the winter fuel oil was transported, and in the summer, vegetables and packaged goods.

The rise of natural gas resulted in a switch to trailers suitable for the transport of lubricating oil. In 1961 the first trailer was used for the distribution of lubricating oil to garages and ships. However, the existing tank trailers were unsuited for this work. Therefore, in subsequent years all of the small fuel trucks were replaced by larger tank trailers, specially adapted for this work. Around 1978 Gebr. van Staalduinen stopped transporting vegetables. The company is now focused on liquid transport.

In oher areas the company is also growing significantly. To meet the needs of heated storage, a new warehouse of 2000 m2 was built for the storage and filling of products in 1969. At the same time a new office was opened. Later a warehouse of 900 m2 was specially constructed for the storage of pesticides.

In 1985 the company was taken over by the third generation: Jan van Staalduinen. Under his management the company grew further, and the activities were expanded to include the transport of fertilizers. A fortuitous change, because now fifteen trucks a day are engaged that are specially adapted for this work.  

In 1989 a new truck workplace, truck wash and warehouses were built to accommodate the expanding company. The storage capacity was extended with a new warehouse of 2.300 m2 at the Westland transport center.

The company got a new boost with Honderdland industrial park in 2005. There was a new access there, and the company, now called Staalduinen Logistics, took the risk of restructuring the complete site to prepare it for the future. In recent years, 5.000 m2 warehouse have been built with four docks, storage tanks, racking, filling lines and a gateway. The existing warehouse for lubricating oil has been renovated and the infrastructure adapted.

The material has also been adapted to today’s requirements. Now half of our fleet complies with the most stringent environmental standards. The construction of a 7.000 m2 warehouse for the storage of seed and 2.000 m2 for the storage of a variety of products started at the end of 2009. The newly built warehouse was opened in November 2010.

In May 2013 the construction of a 1.200 m2 warehouse started in order to boost our storage capacity. The new warehouse increases our capacity with 1.995 extra pallets places for the storage of several packing units as IBCs, drums and cans. The warehouse was put into use in September 2013.

Also, in the end of 2013 the construction of a new office in Maasdijk was started. Our new office doesn’t only accommodate our office personnel, but will also include room for demonstrations and courses for internal training of personnel. Together with our new office, the whole main was rearranged. The new office was ready in 2015 and fully equipped with environmental friendly applications: it is equipped with LED lights, sun panels (219) and a sedum moss roof.

After the introduction of tank containers to our services in 2011, it is time for Staalduinen Logistics to take it to the next level. Therefore, the realization of a brand new tank and container terminal was started at Monday 9th of March 2015. This 16 meters-tall building across the street of our main entrance will improve and extend our services. The terminal provide us with the capacity to store 140 tanks (with a storage volume of 110 m³ each), 5 tanks (with a storage volume of 150 m³ each) and a capacity of 150 tank containers. In September 2015 our terminal is ready for use. The building is equipped with 400 sun panels.

In March 2017 the construction of a 2.500 m2 warehouse started in order to boost our storage capacity. Next to the warehouse, a new warehouse office is built. In September 2017 the warehouse and the office is ready for use.