Within our organisation, we are constantly looking to optimise our logistics processes. This has already led to a number of great innovations in the past, such as the development of our tank lorry which makes it possible to simultaneously deliver bulk and packaged products to our end customers. Not only are we constantly looking for improvements to our internal organisation, but we also like to take up the challenge with our customers to see where we can organise the chain more intelligently and efficiently together and how we can take even more work off our customer’s hands.


Process automation plays an increasingly important role in logistics. We are highly automated and continuously optimising our processes. Each of our trucks is equipped with an onboard computer that is directly connected to our planning system. In our warehouse, all of our pallet locations and storage tanks are barcoded, and we work with scanners. This enables us to inform our customers in real time about the status of their orders, and our planners have ongoing access and insight. In this way, we can adequately respond to changing circumstances and promptly inform our customers if any changes occur.


Information about the status of an order is an essential part of our logistics process. Our standard service includes various EDI options for reading orders and providing feedback on the status of the orders. In addition, our customer portals provide our customers with real-time insight into the status of their orders and the current stock level. We can also provide our customers with information en route. As soon as the delivery of an order is confirmed by our driver, we can automatically send an XML, CSV or PDF with the delivered volume. The documents associated with the transports and stock movements can also be found in our customer portals after processing.

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